How Much Income Will Oktoberfest Generate for Munich?

Oktoberfest 2016: £1.18 billion tourism income for Munich

Beginning on 17th September, Oktoberfest will see around 7 million visitors from far and wide flocking to die Wiesn, in Munich. Known for its fun and frivolity, those who visit may also become aware of some seemingly high associated costs. With a maß beer costing around €10,40 (£8.85) and increased accommodation and fight prices, ABCD Agency and decided to look into just how much travel and tourism income the city of Munich looks to make during this period.

ABCD Agency compared the prices of hotels, hostels and other accommodations during Oktoberfest and the weeks before and after, whilst analysed the costs of flights from major capitals to Munich for the same time period.
The findings showed clear price increases for both categories, with hotel prices increasing by 85% and flights by 220%. In addition, calculations showed a city income of over €1.3 billion (nearly approx. £1.2 billion), as shown in the infographic below.

Higher costs, however, will not deter the 4 million Oktoberfest lovers who fly in annually to celebrate with 3 million locals, often for days at a time. Die Wiesn is the most important event period for tourism in Bavaria with hotels and other accommodation, restaurants and often flights fully booked.


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Hotel costs were calculated by taking an average of 40 accommodations of varying types and star rating in Munich, two weeks before, during, and two weeks after the Oktoberfest period.

Flight costs were calculated by analysing thousands of economy flights between major European cities and Munich, a week before, during, and a week after the Oktoberfest period.